With all the free toiletries and free cosmetics available, the most in-demand are free shampoo samples. The reason free shampoo samples are popular is that everyone uses shampoo, and a free shampoo sample by mail provides the chance to try something new and see how it works on your own hair.

Free samples of shampoo and conditioner products are giveaways that shampoo brands provide in order to allow consumers to try something new. They are available on the Internet for many different brands. When you get a freebie, you can try a new brand, or a new type of one you already may have tried.

Consumer products, such as shampoo and conditioners are frequently offered by shampoo and conditioner companies because getting people to give it a try is the first step to a repeat customer.

If you want to try out a new brand, going to the drug store or supermarket and paying for a full size tube can be expensive, particularly if you pay for it and then take it home and it does not work well for your hair type. Then, you are stuck with a bottle or tube of shampoo or conditioner, or with trying to return a used product – neither is an appealing alternative. This is where free shampoo samples by mail or direct or free conditioner samples are useful. You can try promos, freebies, giveaways or a sampler, without worrying. That is good for the shampoo consumer and good for the company. A win-win all around.

Free product samples, like a free shampoo sample or sample of a conditioner may be available for your brands you are curious about – whether you are interested in Aveda, Bath and Body Works, Body Shop, Breck, Clairol, Clinic, Denorex, Dimension, Garnier Fructis, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence, Judith Jackson, John Frieda, Lord & Mayfair, Matrix, various house brands, María Salomé, Neutrogena, Oasis, Pantene, Paul Mitchell, Pert, PHYTO, ProTerra, Redken, Seda, Suave, Trader Joe’s, TRESemmé (my favorite), T/Gel, VO5, Vitalis, Wella or any other brand of shampoo. This is not to say that you can get a sample of any of these brands, but sometimes promos are available only for limited times.

Some samples of products like shampoo and conditioner are found by going directly to the seller websites, and you can find many linked to on this page, or to others providing them.

One thing I’ve wondered about in selecting shampoo and conditioner, is why not just use soap. But when you wash hair with soap, it comes out dry and does not feel very good either. This answers a part of the question of why use free shampoo or conditioner samples? If you can try one, such as can come by mail or in a Sunday newspaper insert, you can find out which work best for you – not just like soap! Moreover, today, there are so many brands of shampoos available in stores it can be confusing as to which to select. Different functions are available too, such as preventing dandruff, taming frizzy and curly hair, moisturizing dry hair, reducing oil in hair, or giving hair volume. Despite all of these advertised features, however, the basic cleaning mechanisms are the same.

While soaps and shampoos are both cleaning agents, most shampoos actually do not contain soap. Instead, they clean using a soap-free detergent. This detergent reduces the surface tension of the water, which allows the detergent to easily penetrate the hair shafts and scalp. Similar to the action of soap, the detergent forms small droplets called “micelles” which encircle dirt and grease and allow it to be washed from the hair.

Besides the soap-free detergent which is used to clean hair, there are many other ingredients that can be included. Salt is often found in shampoos, where it is used as a thickening agent. Citrus acids help to maintain the pH of hair and fruit extracts moisturize the hair. There are also ingredients added so that it will create a foamy lather. Some shampoos even use egg to add protein to the porous hair shafts or beer to add body and shine. Perfumes are used to add a pleasing smell to shampoos, but have no use in cleaning or strengthening the hair.

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