Free Razor SamplesWhat are free razor samples and razor blade and cartridge samples? If you’ve ever bought a modern razor / razor blade system you know how expensive they can be.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive the largesse of Gillette and Schick several times, with them sending free razor samples and free razor blade samples of their “Mach”, “Fusion” and “Quattro” lines of hand held razors and razor blades. It is lucky to be on that mailing list given the high expense of trying out these razors and razor blades.

How do you get free razor samples or free razor blade samples? Available online are all kinds of discounted or free shaving system samples and other kinds of stuff available without a fee or charge, largely because the leading razor companies know that most people don’t want to switch because of the high expense of trying out something new. They also know that if you try their blade, and like it, then they have a new customer locked in. So, they benefit by getting get their brands and products out there by giving away free razor coupons or other freebies or promos.

This is why razors are one of the products best situated for promotion by the major razor blade brands online through free promotions. They want to get their products in the hands of shavers to try them out. That’s how I started using the Gillette Fusion razor and blade systems. After all if you want to try out a new brand, paying $20, $50 or more is not terribly attractive on most budgets.

It is undeniable that the razor blade industry is enormous and the profit margins for the manufacturers is very high – the perfect setting to bring in new consumers. Free product samples, like a free sample of razors can be discovered in a number of different ways. For example, one way is to go directly to the websites of the major brands, and you can find some linked on this page, or to others who provide free samples, whether 3 blade, 4 blade, 5 blade or double edge razor cartridges, disposable or not. Among the leading brands for which freebies or discounts or coupons or other deals might be available are: Gillette, Schick, Bic, and their various handle and blade systems, such as Gillette Fusion, Gillette Mach 3, Gillette Track II, Gillette Track II Plus, Gillette Atra Plus, Gillette Venus, Schick Quattro, Schick Xtreme Triple Blade, Schick Tracer, Schick Personal Touch Razor, Schick Injector Blades, Bic disposable, Personna disposable, Wilkinson Sword Classic Double, and others. Free razor samples, enjoy!

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