Free tanning lotion samples and lotion sample page illustration.What are free lotion samples and why do lotion companies offer them? First, before we get into the topic of free lotion samples, freebies, lotion promos and samples offered by the major lotion and sunscreen brands, we will discuss the different types of popular lotions – since this is a very broad category to discuss. Whether free lotion samples or free tanning lotion samples etc., briefly speaking there are five major categories of lotions for lotion samples: hand lotion and cream, face lotion and creams and body lotion and creams and tanning lotions. In recent years, increasingly you can have sunblock in all of these lotions, i.e. sunscreen.

Different Types of Lotions for Different Needs:

Learning what each type of lotion is for and how it can typically be used is important as something that is beneficial to one part of your body is often damaging to another part of your body. Each lotion is formulated and designed for the specific body part or use on its label, making it important for the health of your skin to know why they should only be applied to the body part that they advertise as their primary purpose. Often free lotion samples are available at stores, where testers are available. Also sometimes lotion sample squeeze packets can come by mail or in newspaper or mail inserts. In addition, frequently free lotion samples or free tanning lotion samples by mail can be found in online offers, such as in the links on this page, or in lotion coupons that also may be found online.

Body Lotion Samples

Body lotion is often thicker than other types of lotions, typically is intended to penetrate the 3 mm of skin on a body. Using thin lotion, like that designed for faces, often is ineffectual when used on the body or hands; the thicker the better some believe. Moreover, body lotion is also made in larger quantities and typically can be found at lower price points since a larger quantity is needed for body use, but the quality needed for the face is not required. Free lotion samples for body lotion can help to decide which type to use.

Face Lotion Samples

Face lotion typically is the highest quality of lotion that you use on your skin and, therefore, the most expensive. It is designed for the delicate skin of your face, which is much thinner than the skin on any other part of your body. Depending on what your skincare needs are, face lotions are designated to target your individual needs, whether it is dry skin, aging, anti acne or spotting, and contain more vitamins and minerals to promote cell regeneration.

Hand Lotion Samples

Hand lotion is formulated to revitalize the skin of your hands, which have a tendency to take much of the beating of winter weather and age. Hands are one of the top places for cracking, dryness, flaking, irritation, and showing age, so many hand lotion formulas contain Vitamin E, aloe, and other restorative ingredients. Free hand lotion samples can be used to decide among the numerous hand lotion offerings on the market.

Free Tanning Lotion Samples

Indoor tanning lotion contains less alcohol than other lotions and promotes the production of melanin, intensifying the absorption of ultraviolet rays. While it seems counter-intuitive that increasing absorption will help prevent skin cancer, it is said to do that.Tanning lotions often contain bronzers or “tingling” ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the skin, increasing the effects of tanning. Sunscreen is not like tanning lotion at all, in that it is meant to block out harmful components of sunshine, such as providing UV protection.

Baby Lotion

Baby lotion is another category of lotion for which freebies or promos might be available. It tends towards the gentle side and is used as needed.