Most everyone needs laundry detergent, so where available, free laundry detergent samples potentially have wide appeal for consumers who do laundry, and for the suppliers – who want to expand their user base. So, if you ever wondered if or how you could find them, well a lot of the big brand name companies run programs to access.

Why would the detergent companies want to send out freebies? Well, they hope that by sending out these free samples in the mail, they will get new consumers to try, like, and buy their products. In the past, it has not been all that difficult to obtain or find free detergent, the companies that provide them, want as many consumers as possible to try their free detergent.

One source is the company websites, or even partner sites, where sometimes promotions are displayed and sign up forms to invite consumers to apply for a free sample. Companies are sending out samples, in order to get the consumers to try and be loyal to their brand. Of course, the big brands are already household names, but in order to win new customers, perhaps who are using another brand, they are willing to provide consumers free detergent samples as one tool in their marketing strategies. So if you are interested in trying out a new detergent, you may find link here and also can check their web sites. The marketing concept for the suppliers is that once you have received those freebies or promotional detergent samples, you may change your mind about which brand you want to use in the future.

There are a lot of brands out there that may be willing to do this. Among the leading detergent and softener brands are Tide, All, Cheer, Arm and Hammer, Gain, Oxi-Clean, Sunlight, Persil, Wisk, Ecos, Ariel, Snuggles, Aldi Tandil, Costco Kirkland and other store brands, Purex, Ajax, Win, Planet, Country Save, Dropps, Dreft, Charlie’s, Method, Alconex, and Tiny Bubbles. Often these come in dye-free versions as well, my favorite. Because it is a brand development tool, sometimes these big brands like to send out free detergent samples by mail or they may offer coupons as well.