If you have a pet dog, free dog food samples could be just what your pet needs, and your pocket book or wallet too.
Golden Retriever for Free Dog Food

After all, it is disappointing when you buy Fido the latest gourmet dog food creation only to find he prefers the old can. In the world of finicky consumers, our pet dogs can be the most finicky of all – even more than cats. So free dog food samples by mail or pet store coupons for dog food are ideal for trying something new before having to spend hard earned money. With a free dog food sample or store coupons, your pet can try something new and if she likes it, you know you are safe to spend.

For dogs, free dog food samples are most common, but you also may find free dog shampoo samples, dog bone or toy samples, dog treats or other types of free stuff or promos for dogs or other pets. Free dog food samples are great for pet owners, but also for the companies that sell dog food and pet supplies. After all, they know that when we figure out what our pet dogs want to eat, we keep returning for more, rather than wasting savings on trying out something new that they may turn up their nose at, literally speaking!

In this way free dog food samples or dog shampoo or dog supplies work wonderfully, especially if it is a new type of dog food, dog biscuits, chow or kibbles.

The dog food industry and dog supplies business are huge, so the major brands compete for new pet customers every day by offering giveaways, freebies, free samples, try-outs in order to bring in new customers. Dog food comes in cans, or dry dog food, or dog treats, like Milk Bones ™. Here is a listing of the top dog foods by category type for whom free samples, coupons, discounts or promos may be available:

    Dry Dog Food – Bagged Dog Food and Moist Dog Food: Newman’s Own, Organix, Harmony Farms, Core, Purina, Purina Beneful, Dog Bones, Evo, Wellness, Orijen, Nature’s Select, Pedigree, Iams, Innova, Natural Life, Alpo Dog Food, Happy Trails, Kibbles, Mixins
    Canned Dog Food: Alpo, Cesar, Happy Trails, Mighty Dog, Newman’s Own, Wellness, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Halo, Mixins, Pedigree, Purina Beneful, Iams, Innova, Natural Life, Alpo Dog Food, Happy Trails, Kibbles

Often the coupons, samples or offers can be found simply by going directly to the brand’s website, but you also might find many linked to on this page or other pages on this site

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