What are free deodorant samples and antiperspirant samples? Available online are all kinds of product samples and other kinds of stuff available without a fee or charge, largely because the companies want you to try out their brands and are willing to give them away. Consumer products, such as underarm deodorant and anti-perspirant are well situated to benefit the brand developers by getting free deodorant samples or antiperspirant samples into the hands of consumers.

After all if you want to try out a new brand, paying the price for a full priced product is not attractive to many home personal budgets, particularly in these difficult economic times for many consumer product users, whereas a freebie to find the best option for you is much more attractive.

You can find a free deodorant sample can be found in many ways. Some are found by going directly to the seller websites, and you can find many linked to on this page, whether spray, roll-on or stick dispensers. Among the leading brands of deodorant and anti-perspirant for which you typically can find offers or discounts are: Dial, Right Guard, Secret, Arrid, Arm & Hammer, Ban, Dove, Old Spice, Degree, Gillette, Suave, Mennen, Mitchum, Almay, Axe, Brut, Crystal, Nivea, Tom’s of Maine, Tussy, Polo, and others.

I’ve wondered before, how does deodorant work anyway? After all, if you have a day that should qualify as hot, sweaty and indeed smelly, but using a good deodorant or antiperspirant, you can still be dry and smelling ready for a date. This also answers in part the question of why do this? Most of us in the United States, Canada and many other countries use one of these products on a daily basis?

To understand how deodorant or anti-perspirant works, it helps to know why we need it in the first place. Our body’s sweat glands produce sweat as the body’s natural cooling system. Unfortunately, certain parts of our body, such as underarms, are conducive to developing bacteria. The bacteria from the sweat produces odor, hence the need for deodorant, whew. Ingredients in deodorant are mostly fragrances designed to cover up body odor. The specific ingredients depend on the fragrance of the brand and the type of deodorant. Antiperspirants bring an added layer of protection, and actually can serve to block or reduce to a great extent the production of sweat. Antiperspirants typically used some type of aluminum compound that acts to block perspiration (i.e. sweat).

The fragrances of the deodorant are designed to make a person smell good. Deodorants, unlike antiperspirants, still allow for the production and release of perspiration. Antiseptic agents are the other types of ingredients in deodorant that act to kill the bacteria that serve to cause body odor. Some studies have suggested risks with parabens found among some ingredients in some brands of deodorant. Other research suggests deodorants are better to use than antiperspirants because blocking sweat glands can have unwanted effects.

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