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What are free coffee samples? A lot of mornings I can’t wait for my cup of coffee – whether kona coffee or espresso, or a Green Mountain coffee cup or Starbucks or brewed in my coffee machine or gourmet or instant.

For consumer goods and drinks, like coffee and tea especially, there are lots of product samples available online without a charge or fee. Typically, you can sign up and the free coffee samples or other freebies, promos, free coffee coupons or giveaways and they will come in the mail – i.e. free coffee samples by mail. But how can the coffee companies afford to do it for free? The answer is that the companies want you to try out their brands or coffee shops so they are willing to give them away for free to get you to take the time to give a cup a try.

So, free coffee samples can sound great, especially if it is a new variety or coffee bean, or a totally new brand of coffee – whether ground, instant or not. As for decaffeinated coffee, sometimes I like it and sometimes not, depending on whether I want something strong, you know.

For coffee there are two types of companies who want you to try them out. One is the packaged coffee companies who want you to go to the supermarket or other store or a coffee shop and buy their product. There is a listing of packaged coffee brands below. The other is the coffee shops, like the big chains like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts (yes, they actually are the largest or second largest chain of coffee shops!), Peet’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Caribou Coffee, Tim Horton’s, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Coffee Beanery, Tully’s, Dunn Bros. Coffee, Port City Java and others. That is not to say that all of these have free coffee samples, but keep checking here and there may be an offer to be found.

The coffee industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, so it no surprise that the major brands are competing for new drinkers vigorously. The object of giving away the free samples or free coupons is not to throw away their money, but to bring in new consumers. It is a well thought out part of the marketing budget. After all they realize coffee is a luxury and on a weekly basis not all that cheap. If you want to try out a new brand of coffee or tea or a new coffee shop, paying the price for a full priced pack of coffee can be expensive on many people’s personal budgets – particularly in a difficult economy. However, a free coffee sample or coffee house coupon to find a new tasty brand or variety of joe is much more appealing for many people.

Free product samples, like a free coffee sample can be found in many ways. Some of the offers or deals can be located by going directly to the brand’s website, and you can find many linked to on this page, or you might find them by going to other providers of the free coffee samples, whether a different coffee flavor, an add-in like syrup, or a different brand, or a different type, such as espresso v. cappuccino or regular American coffee. Some of the leading brands of coffee for which free coffee samples or deals or discounts could be available are: Nescafe, Taster’s Choice, Nespresso, Chock Full O’Nuts, Chase & Sanborn, Hills Bros., MJB, Pet’s, Starbucks, Folgers, Millstone, Senseo, Caribou, Cafe Supremo, Don Manuel, Entemann’s, Via Roma, S&W, Eight O’Clock, Highlands, Green Mountain Coffee, Maxwell House, Jacobs, Gevalia, Kenco, Sanka, Tassimo, General Foods, and others.

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