If you have a pet cat, free cat food samples would be a good thing to try out – both for your new kitten or grown up cat and your wallet or purse.

In my experience, my pet cats have been extremely finicky eaters, just like the cat in the old canned cat food commercial. So, it would be expensive and frustrating to buy Frisky or Sugar the latest canned creation just to find out he preferred the old dry kibbles or can. Cat food samples by mail or via grocery or pet food store coupons can be a great thing to do to save money on cat food. As dog food samples or grocery store or pet store coupons, a pet cat can get something new to try out, and if he actually eats it, you know you have a hit and can buy more.

For cats, the most common type of free samples are for cat food, but there also are kitten food samples or shampoo samples or other stuff or promos for cats – typically by mail but sometimes in-store samples too. Free cat food samples are great for pet owners, but also for the companies that sell pet food. This is so, because when consumers find out what their pet kitten or cat will enjoy – whether dry or in a can – then they have found a repeat customer. This is how free cat food samples, cat treat samples or kitten food or cat supplies work, both for the consumer and for the pet food companies.

Often the offers, samples by mail or coupons can be found by going to the cat food maker’s website directly, and you also can locate many linked on this page or on others of the pages on this website. Cat food may come in cans or in dry cat food or treats. The top cat food brands, for which there may be coupons or free samples or promos available include: Avoderm Naturals, 9 Lives (Nine Lives), Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux cat food, Eukanuba, Fancy Feast cat food, Friskies canned, pouches, and dry, Halo Spot’s, Hill’s Science, Iams, Meow Mix, Merrick, Natural Balance, Nutro Max, Nutro Natural, Pro Plan, Purina, Purina Kitten, Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Royal Canin Feline, Solid Gold, Spa Select, Wellness and more.