Free Candy Samples illustration with candy corn and candy pumpkins for HalloweenFree candy samples strike at the heart of anyone that has ever been a kid. But free candy samples also cause concern to some parents because of the refined sugar content of a lot of candies. So, what to think about free samples of candy? In this article we provide our views on what they are, and whether or not to encourage them.

Free candy samples are samples of those delicious, sugary sweets we all love. Candy is for adults and for kids. For adults, we have grown to control our lives and make decisions on whether to partake of the free candy samples that widely are available. The benefits and drawbacks are well known. Of course candy tastes great! That is the primary driving force for most people. How can we express it more elegantly in this blog, than to say yummmmmm. The drawbacks of course are lack of nutritional content, high sugar and carbohydrate content, potential for increasing teeth cavities – everything Mom and Dad always warned about!

Free candy samples often available to adults are in specialized candy shops where the clerks may offer a free sample to customers coming in to the shop. When I go into See’s candy shop, the sales clerk usually hands out a free sample. Often a free candy sample is also put into the bag after purchase. Same with a lot of other specialty shops. For them, the advantage of handing out a free sample of one of their candies is that it exposes the customer to something new and makes them feel very happy to get something for free. So, it’s a form of marketing – maybe the best form. It expands brand awareness, increases customer loyalty, and increases the chance that the customer will give good word of mouth – such as by telling friends about their great experience in the local candy shop.

What about kids? Are free candy samples good for children? In our opinion, no not really. If children are presented with free samples of candy, it can only be to get around the influence of their parents, who have the whole picture as to nutrition, dental care and so on. This is one reason why more schools are eliminating candy from vending machines these days. However, most candy companies are not offering free candy samples to kids these days anyway. But children are given candy everywhere anyway. Halloween for instance is all about free candy for most kids. The other day in my child’s school, the front office had a basket of Smarties for the taking – by any kid who came in. Talk about the wrong incentives – get in trouble, go to the principal, get free candy. Hmmm. So often free candy is not really a marketing tool, but a treat widely available to children and adults.

How about free candy samples online? There are lots of offers to be found. For example, one of the best resources is the links and ads you may find on this page, which may lead to free candy samples by mail offers. Those offers tend to be current and you do not need to wade through old or expired offers to find something new. Another source is on the web pages of the big brands, whether M&M, Mars, Snickers, Hershey’s, Nestle Crunch, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and so on.