Free baby formula samples are something that a lot of mothers and fathers like to try for their infants. Sometimes the samples can come by mail or are found online. But why experiment? The answer is sometimes a parent might not know what their baby needs, likes or wants.

As parents frequently learn from experience, with a baby it is important that he or she accept the formula, if natural breast milk is not used. After all the object of free baby formula samples, or any baby food or formula for that matter, is to provide essential nutrients and caloric intake for an infant or baby. Some believe natural breast milk is better, or soy milk formulas are better than dairy or goat based formulas and we are not going to get into that debate here. This site is about helping people find what works for them.

So, while a lot of people advocate different lengths of time to use natural breast milk in the debate, many moms or dads for a variety of reasons wish to use baby formula and this is where the samples by mail or in store can come into play. Samples of baby formula allow the trying out of different brands and types to determine suitability for a particular child. Also for the manufacturers or suppliers, the use of this marketing tool engenders customer satisfaction enhancement and exposure to a wider sample of potential consumers.

Baby formula free samples can be signed up for online, such as on the manufacturer websites if special offers are being provided, as well as from the programs or sites found on this page and other pages here.

What are the different types of baby formula that might be found? Standard cow or dairy based formulations tend to be the most popular, and some of the leading brands include Similac, Nestle Good Start, and Enfamil.

Some formulations are lower in lactose or lactose free, and can be a choice for lactose intolerant babies. These include dairy formulations with lactose removed and soy milk formula is for babies allergic to cow milk. This option is plant based and also might be desired by vegetarian parents. The various leading brands for such formulations may include Enfamil ProSobee, Similac Isomil, Nestle Good Start, and Parent’s Choice.

Another option if dairy or soy milk is not an option is hydrolyzed protein formula. This option contains broken down proteins that are easier to digest. Popular brands include Alimentum Advance, Nutramigen Lipil, Similac Alimentum, and Pregestamil Lipil. Amino acid based formulas such as Neocate and Nutramigen AA Lipil also are available and some are considered hypoallergenic.

Another option is rice starch formula. This alternative is said to decrease the chance of acid reflux.

Regardless of the formula chosen, samples of different types of baby formula provide some exposure to the different options without monetary expenditure and you should consult a pediatrician before switching or selecting formulas.