Free samples are examples of products that are provided without fee or charge.  Why have free samples at all?  After all, aren’t the companies in the business of making money, not giving away their products without charge?  The answer is that actually freebies are a form of advertising. The way it works is that you answer some questions about health, food, makeup, interests, and then they identify some items for you, which you may like.  They ask if you want to receive the particular type of item and if your answer is yes, you will receive the product samples in the mail.

You get to try the products, make-up, skin products or other stuff at home or at work, or anytime you want.  Then if you like it, maybe you’ll go to the grocery store, or drug store, or pharmacy, or hardware store, or online website  or wherever the product is offered for sale and buy one for real.  Or maybe you’ll become a repeat customer.

Of course there is no guarantee you will find any of the above-listed types online. We do not review the offers in any advertised sites for accuracy, usefulness, effectiveness, cost or friendliness so you enter or try each at your own risk! However, we hope that the resources provided on this site are helpful and fun, provide some tips and ideas and may help our users find some decent offers, or at least have some enjoyment in shopping.

In summary, the basic purpose of giving away samples – a repeat customer.  You try it and if you like it then you buy or become a regular customer, so maybe they really are great for the companies.  In such cases, you may never have tried the item and never have become a customer.  Like the old saying goes, try it you’ll like it.